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A collaborative and comprehensive approach

Program Evaluation and Planning


Dr. Vincent has extensive experience working with teams comprised of collaborators from multiple disciplines/perspectives/organizations. Evaluation and planning processes are customized for each client’s unique program using practices that build reflection, continuous learning and adaptation into program evaluation, and a developmental evaluation approach to optimize alignment of program design and evaluation. Vincent Evaluation Consulting specializes in external evaluation of federally-funded projects that focus on STEM, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, environmental and sustainability education.

"Dr. Vincent is the consummate evaluator, bringing a wealth of experience and insight. Her input has made the program better in every way. Beyond that, she is a wonderful collaborator, helping us see the potential for addressing really interesting questions about student growth in our program. Finally, Shirley has brought a wonderful model of collaboration across disciplines to the UWIN project as a whole.

- Alan Berkowitz, Co-Principal Investigator and Associate Director for Education, Urban Water Innovation Project


"Shirley was an engaged and helpful adviser to the National Transportation Career Pathway Network Initiative working with our Environmental discipline group. She provided useful project critiques and guidance and a comprehensive overview of environmental and sustainability degree programs that guided outreach efforts.  

- Glenn McRae, PhD, Outreach Manager UVM Transportation Research Center, University of Vermont

Applied Research


Dr. Vincent has many years of experience designing research projects that use social science techniques to inform and facilitate decision-making and policy-making processes. Advanced skills in qualitative and quantitative social research methodologies including sampling design, survey research, experimental and quasi-experimental design, Q methodology, quantitative qualitative data analysis, and applied multivariate statistical methods including analysis of variance, factor analysis and regression analysis.

Shirley recommended and completed an extensive Q-study process involving a diverse group of faculty from multiple disciplines…to help our faculty identify the various perspectives regarding the future of our program.  Today, our faculty is working together more than ever and great strides in curriculum are on the horizon. Thanks to Shirley’s work we have a new focus on our strengths…

- Daniel Carter, Director of Environmental Studies, University of the South at Sewanee



Your cogent analysis of opportunities and challenges provided us with significant data with which to strategically plan for our collective future….the service that you provided to our programs is tremendous and we look forward to building upon your recommendations!

– Robyn Hannigan, Dean, School for the Environment, University of Massachusetts at Boston


See Dr. Vincent’s ResearchGate profile for summaries of research reports and peer-reviewed publications.

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